What is a thrift store?

This is a thrift store.

You can find some amazing things here.

Sometimes you have to wade through a bunch of garbage to get to them.

And by “a bunch,” I mean A BUNCH.

But if you’re willing to dig…

And remain hopeful…

You can find some gems.

Tarnished gems, but gems nonetheless.

Some things you’ll see are worthless.

Others are priceless.

Some things you’ll see may work just fine with a fresh set of batteries.

Others probably have their best days behind them.

Some people will buy anything.

Others won’t.

If you get tired or intimidated, just remember: you’ll never find a diamond in the rough without getting your hands dirty.

Have fun.


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One Response to What is a thrift store?

  1. Kip says:

    Honestly Dave, you’ve just summed up thrifting for me. Awesome.

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