MIFA Sketches #2

pack your bags…

we’re going on a holiday! come along with me to beautiful sunny…

canada! or, jamaica! your pick! hey, let’s do both! then it’s off to beautiful sunny…

holland, michigan! home of… the dutch! or something! then it’s just a hop skip and a jump to beautiful sunny…

chicago! home of “museum of science and industry!” fun for the whole family! then it’s off to beautiful sunny…

galveston island! or what’s left of it after it basically got flattened by a hurricane a few years ago! come along with me and i can show you the empty lots where the buildings i used to live and work in used to be! that sounds like fun, right? had enough? well, tough shit! because now it’s off to beautiful sunny…

atlanta georgia, home of pittypat’s porch! sounds trashy, looks classy! what a complete mindf*ck! thanks, pittypat! after a brief detour at…

SIX FLAGS WOO [barf] it’s off to the both beautiful and sunny…

kahala hilton resort! that’s right, enjoy fun in the sun and sand and pineapples and whatnot, all in the luxury of your own thrift store!

all this can be yours for the low low price of like maybe six bucks, including the suitcase. call now, operators are standing by, offer void where prohibited by law (basically like everywhere, don’t even bother calling, no operators are standing by.)




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One Response to MIFA Sketches #2

  1. Auntie M says:

    Thanks for the trip, see you next fall.

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